Specifications & Process

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The CFCF Certification process covers the functional Test and Certification Policy applicable to POI and acquirer systems developed following the Nexo Implementation Specification developed and maintained by nexo.
Click here for the list of nexo specifications referenced by CFCF.

Certification Process

The documents linked below describe the roles of the different stakeholders involved as well as the basic CFCF certification process based on the Nexo Implementation Specification. The main document is the CFCF Certification Policy that covers implementations of the Nexo functional specification.
Detailed information linked respectively to the defined Test or Test Laboratory accreditation can be found in the “CFCF General Test Description for Terminal and Acquirer Systems” [CFCF Evaluation]” or the “CFCF Certification Administrative Process [CFCF Process]” or the “CFCF Test Tool Qualification Procedure [CFCF Tools]”. CFCF referenced documents and specifications are listed in “CFCF Detailed Certification Requirements [CFCF References]”

All four documents are attached as annexes to the CFCF Certification Policy.

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CFCF Certification Policy2.016-12-2015Click here
CFCF Certification Administrative Process (annex 1)2.016-12-2015Click here
CFCF General Test Description for POI and Acquirer Systems (annex 2)2.016-12-2015Click here
CFCF Test Tool Qualification Procedure (annex 3)2.016-12-2015Click here
CFCF Detailed Certification Requirements (annex 4)2.016-12-2015Click here
ICS for POI0.6.018-09-2015Click here
ICS for ACQ0.5.405-01-2015Click here