What is CFCF ?
CFCF is a certification scheme for nexo implementations involving the French scheme Cartes Bancaires and the German scheme girocard. CFCF established a liaison with the nexo organisation to join forces on functional testing, certification and test tools. Currently CFCF certificates for nexo implementations are required for scheme approval by Cartes Bancaires and girocard.

What is the difference between CFCF and nexo ?
nexo is an open, global association providing specifications while CFCF is a certification scheme. nexo develops, maintains and promotes universal standards and protocols to ensure the interoperability for payments acceptance. CFCF develops and maintains the certification process that covers the functional test and Certification Policy applicable to POI and acquirer systems complying with nexo Implementation Specifications.

Why do we need a CFCF Certificate ?
A Certificate is the result of a process in which a third party (Certification Body) gives written assurance that a product, process or service complies to specified requirements. The CFCF Certificate covers the functional compliance with nexo standards for a nexo POI or a nexo acquirer host. Currently CFCF certificates for nexo implementations are required for scheme approval by Cartes Bancaires and girocard. Other scheme may join CFCF and require a CFCF certificate as compliance evidence with nexo standards.

What is the difference between certification and approval ?
A certificate is compliance evidence with functional requirements while an approval is an authorization to deploy a product on a specific market. The approval is the responsibility of each scheme and is out of CFCF scope. The CFCF certificate is one of the inputs of the approval process.

Is my certificate accepted on both French and German market ?
The CFCF certificate is accepted by both Cartes Bancaires and girocard. However, a few features optional for a nexo solution may be mandated by one scheme or another. Therefore, it is important that an implementer ensures that all key features are developed in regards of the market it addresses. For each solution, the supported features are listed in an ICS validated by the Certification Body.

How much does it cost to apply for a CFCF certificate?
To apply for certification, a vendor will first contact an accredited certification body that will be in charge of applying the certification process in compliance with CFCF policies (list of accredited certification bodies). The vendor will then contact a laboratory among those accredited by the chosen certification body (list of accredited labs).
Each certification body and each laboratory has its own fees for nexo certifications and evaluations. Therefore, a vendor should contact each individual entity to know those fees.

Does a CFCF certificate expire?
According to the CFCF certification policies, a CFCF Certificate has an initial validity period of 2 years. After expiration of a certificate, the vendor can contact the certification body and apply for a renewal to extend the certificate for 1 year.

What is an ICS and how can I check the features implemented by a certified product?
An ICS (Implementation Conformance Statement) is a structured document describing capabilities and specific requirements implemented by the product submitted for testing. CFCF defines two separate ICS for POI solutions and Acquirer hosts. All features supported by a certified product are listed in the ICS validated by the Certification Body before starting the evaluation. The ICS is considered as an appendix of the certificate itself and the vendors shall provide both documents together.

What is the scope of a certification? Can I certify just nexo FAST?
CFCF Certification Bodies issue certificates for implementations of the nexo IS specification, including the corresponding nexo FAST and nexo protocols specifications.

Is a certification valid for a range of products using the same software?
A CFCF accredited Certification Body requires an ICS (see Specifications & Process), which always defines the scope of the testing. A certificate is always issued for a product that have been evaluated in a Laboratory. In order to cover changes or deviations of already certified products or the certification of similar products CFCF has defined appropriate processes in the document “Change Management of Certificates” (see Specifications & Process). This document provides for examples also.

Who should I contact in case of an escalation is needed?
The main contact for a certification applicant is the Certification Body it chose. If needed the CFCF Coordination Committee can be used for escalation. Please use the email address provided on the CFCF web page or contact directly Mrs. Dolores.Mimran@frenchsys.com or Mrs. Regine.Quentmeier@src-gmbh.de.

How can I get the nexo test plans?
nexo test plans are owned by nexo. Thus, as a nexo member you can not only have access to the nexo test plans but can actively contribute to their scope and contents. Implementations of the nexo test plans are currently provided by FIS for product testing. nexo provides support for these implementations and provides for validations against the nexo IS specification. An FIS license is necessary to receive these test plan implementations.

Once I’m certified do I still need to geta an approval for International Schemes?
Global Card Schemes do not require certifications of card payment applications like nexo IS beyond their current certification requirements of Level 1, 2 and 3 certifications.

Who could assist me preparing a certification?
Please contact the CFCF Coordination Committee for guidance and advice.