1st certification of an OSCar 3.2 POI !

1st certification of an OSCar 3.2 POI !

After the certification in February of the 1st OSCar Acquirer System, Paycert has certified, on the 16th November 2015, the first terminal (POI application) compliant with the “Oscar Integration Specification” version 3.2.
This certificate, establishes the conformity of Ingenico’s Axis CROSS-BORDER EU solution, handling contact and contactless transactions, and also ensures its interoperability with OSCar v3.2 acquiring systems that process transactions for card payment schemes active in the SEPA area.
This certification has been issued following the CFCF certification process

About Us (image= Download the presentation here...

About Us...

The CFCF is the native successor of the former OSCar Consortium’s certification activity. The OSCar Consortium was founded in 2010 as an international intersector initiative to combine forces on the development

  • of harmonized POI and acquirer system application specifications and
  • of a common certification of products having implemented these specifications.

In September 2014 the OSCar Consortium decided to continue its work on application and related test case specifications in the new nexo A.I.S.B.L. (see www.nexo-standards.org) and to continue its certification activities in a new organisation called "Certif.Org" at that time. "Certif.Org" was established in the beginning of 2015 as the "Common Functional Certification Framework CFCF" by Cartes Bancaires and GBIC as the first step – open for other parties responsible for approval of POI in the card payment area. CFCF uses the established and lively certification infrastructure of OSCar and CFCF accredited Certification Bodies continues to issue certificates (see "Certified Products"). The objectives of the CFCF Consortium are twofold:

  • to continue POI and acquirer systems certification based on OSCar‘s former activity and
  • to coordinate and provide interested stakeholders with a common trusted Certification Infrastructure (see "Accredited Laboratories" and Processes (see "Certification Process"), endorsed and recognised by participating Card Payment Schemes and Approval Bodies on OSCar Implementation Specifications (based on SEPA-FAST and EPAS specifications all owned by the Association nexo) as well as potentially on other Implementation Specifications.

CFCF therefore represents a strong commitment of its membership to implement the nexo standards SEPA-FAST and EPAS.